Craft Booth Application

Craft Vendor Registration        May 13, 2017 – October 14, 2017      Silverton Farmer's Market

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The Silverton Farmer's Market has a jury process for vendors of crafts.  The jury will evaluate vendors with products that focus primarily on farm or 

garden related items.  Please complete the application below and return it with the $10 non-refundable application fee.  Also include a description of 

the craft-working process and the steps you take to assure product safety and appropriate construction techniques.  (For instance, if you build 

birdhouses, are they designed to keep out invasive species like starlings and house sparrows?)  Please  enclose photos of products showing overall 

design and details.


Submit completed applications to:

Market Manager

Attn: Silverton 

Farmers Market Craft Jury

PO Box 288

Silverton OR 97381



Business Name___________________________________________________________________________________________


City_________________________________ State _________________Zip________________

How may we reach you by phone?  Days:___________________  Evenings:________________



Please give a brief description of your craft______________________________________________________________________





How many years have you been making this and related crafts? _____________________________________________________

What is the average price of your product(s) ____________________________________________________________________

Where do you purchase raw materials for your craft? _____________________________________________________________





Dates:  Listed below are the market dates for this year. Please circle any dates you will not attend.  

You must notify the market manager of any changes by 5:00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the next market

date, or you will be responsible for paying the booth fee.

May 13     May 20      May 27      June 3    June 10      June 17      June 24   July 1     July 8        July 15       July 22       July 29

Aug. 5    Aug. 12     Aug. 19      Aug. 26      Sept. 2     Sept. 9     Sept. 16      Sept. 23     Sept. 30      Oct. 7    Oct. 14       Oct. 21


 Booth Fees:


Non-refundable application fee -                                                                    $ 10.00                        $10.00

Annual Market Membership Fee ($30.00/year) -                                           $ 30.00                        $30.00

Weekly 11’ x 11’ Space Fee ($15.00/week paid one week in advance) -      $ 15.00                        ________

Pre-pay for 10 consecutive weeks and get the 11th week free -                    $150.00                       ________

Pre-pay for 20 weeks and get 3 weeks free -                                                 $300.00                       ________

                                                                                                                                                Total:  ________


I have read the Silverton Farmer's Market Rules and Guidelines and the ODA Food Safety at Farmers Markets Information and Guidelines 

documents, and I agree to abide by them and seek clarification if   needed.  I authorize Silverton Farmer's Market Association to visit my 

farm/garden/business and those of any consigners to resolve compliance questions.  My business name and phone number will be available 

to customers and will be published on the Silverton Farmer's Market website.  I understand that I am required to purchase and show proof 

of product liability insurance if I sell potentially hazardous products.  I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Silverton Farmer's Market 

Association and all site owners from and against all liability, claims, losses, damages and causes of action suites of any nature arising out of 

or related to my activities at Silverton Farmer's Market events.

Signature(s) __________________________________________________   Date _________________


There is a chance that not all vendors or products will be approved in a season.  The decision of the Vendor Approval Committee is final.



If you have questions about this application, please Email us:


Contact one of our Market Managers by phone:

Alyssa Burge: 714.357.9569

Stacy Higby: 503.779.7206